Choosing A Flooring Installation Company

Things You Must Know When Choosing a Flooring Installation Company

Things You Must Know When Choosing a Flooring Installation Company 

There is nothing more exciting than having your entire home remodeled. Except for winning the Powerball, of course!  

Whether you are considering replacing your old flooring or revamping the entire thing, you need a professional who is qualified and reliable.  

But with so many contractors out there, it can get a little overwhelming to choose the right one. That’s why we have compiled a list of questions you can ask to determine whether a contractor for flooring installation near you is appropriate for your needs.  

Are they licensed and insured? 

This should be the first thing you ask any potential professional before hiring them. Knowing whether they are licensed and insured to do this kind of work will tell you how trustworthy they are. If they have insurance, it tells you that: 

  • They have taken the necessary steps to conduct their business legally 
  • Even if something goes wrong, your interests will be protected  

No matter how much caution and planning goes into the construction and installation work, unexpected events can still happen.  

Someone can accidentally burst a pipe, flooding the basement or cut into electrical wiring, leading to a power failure. Even though these are rare instances, if they happen, you’ll be relieved that your contractor is covered.  

Are they certified?  

If an installation expert is certified by a recognized industry body, it usually means they are among the best in the business. These professionals are diligent and committed to mastering the installation process.  

Also, certified experts tend to continue advancing their skill set by undergoing several education programs (both online and hands-on). 

What type of warranty do they offer for their work? 

You don’t need us to tell you that hardwood flooring can be a big investment. It’s important to choose an expert for flooring installation near you who can back up their own work.  

Will they measure and record the relative humidity of the environment and moisture content of the materials? 

According to the NWFA guidelines, the relative humidity of the environment, as well as the moisture content of the hardwood flooring, must be properly measured.  

The majority of manufacturers ask for this information if any problems arise with the flooring. If these records are not available, your warranty may be voided. 

Do they have any positive online reviews or references?  

Do not underestimate the power of references! In fact, we highly recommend calling up each reference (if you can). Do your homework and look up the potential installers online.  

It should be noted that most professionals will have a few negative reviews or complaints; it’s normal and you shouldn’t discount an installer because they have a couple of negative reviews on Yelp. However, find out if these complaints were valid and whether they were addressed by the professional.  

How long will the installation process take?  

It is important to ask this question since it will give you a reasonable expectation for the project timeline, especially if you need to make any necessary personal plans.  

How will they handle clean-up? 

The installation process is a messy affair and it pays to ask your installer upfront about how would contain the mess. Will they take out and dispose of the debris (your old floor)? What is their exact process to protect lighting fixtures, window furnishing, and large appliances? 

It may seem like common sense that they would clean up after the installation has been done, but sadly, it’s not always the case. Let them know that you expect post-installation clean-up.  

How will they handle payment?  

If a flooring installer asks for payment before any work has been completed, it’s bad news. Of course, there are exceptions; when they need to pick up materials for the job. As a general rule, most professionals ask for a deposit upfront (on the first day of the job) and the rest upon the completion of the project.  

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