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Increase Your Home Value With Hardwood Flooring Installation in California

Want to give your home a competitive edge in the housing market today? One of the biggest improvements you can make to add value is by calling flooring installation near you.

Hardwood flooring is a poignant renovation option because it boosts your home’s sale value significantly. In other words, it offers an incredible return on investment! 

Let’s talk about why hardwood flooring can be such a sensational investment and how you can use it to improve your home’s value in California.

Higher resale value

As a homeowner, you may understand the appeal of hardwood flooring yourself. Homes with hardwood floors simply demand higher prices than, say, carpeting or lookalike floors. 

According to the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA), more than 90% of the real estate agents think that hardwood floors can substantially increase the resale value of homes.

Better marketability 

Homebuyers and renters across the United States prefer hardwood floors as well. The National Association of Realtors found that nearly 54% of homebuyers were willing to pay more for a property with hardwood floors. 

Also, you can increase the likelihood of your home selling faster by installing hardwood floors.  A survey performed by NWFA found that about 99% of real estate agents found it easier to sell a home if it had hardwood flooring. 

Better perceived value in California

One sure shot way to raise your home’s perceived value is by calling floor repair near you and getting hardwood floors installed. This perceived value is your home’s value in the eyes of potential homebuyers.

And it’s no wonder because buyers like the high-quality and refreshed appearance generated by the flooring. The aesthetic appeal of hardwood can make your home look more luxurious, and thus, more desirable.

Easy to maintain 

The thing about hardwood floors is they don’t need a lot of regular maintenance. All you need to do is some vacuuming or sweeping every now and then. You can also have them polished every few months, or once every other year, to maintain their luster (you can polish them yourself if you want). Cleaning up dirt, dust, and liquid spills on their surface is also very easy. 

Lasts for decades

Whether you choose engineered or solid hardwood flooring, it is incredibly durable. Unlike cheap floors like tile, vinyl, or carpeting, hardwood comes with solid durability. With appropriate maintenance, your hardwood floors can last for decades. 

Should I Call Floor Repair Near Me To Install Hardwood?

Now that you know hardwood flooring can completely transform your home and help you ask a higher price, let’s see how you can begin. 

Call flooring installation in California for new hardwood floors 

If your home currently has a different kind of floor like carpet, linoleum, or tile, contact floor repair near you to get new wood floors. They will help you choose the best option and get you a good return on investment. 

If you already have hardwood floors but they are damaged or stained, you can replace the affected parts with new wood. Once experienced floor installers are done with refinishing it, the new parts won’t even stand out from the old ones. 

Call floor repair near you to get your old floors refinished 

If your home already has hardwood flooring but it looks dull and beaten up, it can give the impression that you have neglected your home. That’s the last thing you want potential buyers to think. 

So, have your existing hardwood floors sanded and refinished in order to restore them to their former glory. Skilled installers can make your current dull floors look good-as-new. This won’t only increase your home’s aesthetic appeal but also add real value to your home.

Are your hardwood floors covered with carpet? Now is a good time to remove the carpet and refinish the floor. 

Install hardwood floors in important areas

There are certain rooms in a home where people prefer to have hardwood. Installing hardwood floors in the living room, dining room, family room, and kitchen can make your entire home look more desirable. 

Hardwood Flooring Installation Near Me in a Budget!

At Flooring California, we provide high-quality flooring repair, installation, and refinishing services to homeowners all across California. To learn more about how hardwood flooring can boost your home’s resale value, call us at (855) 613-8213 or complete this form

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