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Flooring Your Unique Space

Like many design decisions, flooring is a way to show your unique style and vibe. A mahogany hardwood floor can show sophistication and formality, while a weathered gray tinted floor can be inviting and warm.

Flooring options come as plentiful as the colors of the rainbow. Choosing a flooring design can be overwhelming. Luckily, FlooringCali can help!

As the name states, here at FlooringCali, we are experts in installing flooring to Californians. It’s what we specialize in. Mastering the art of flooring comes with repetition. Day to day, floor installation is what we do.

To help you decide what flooring to select, our expert installation consultants will take into consideration many pertinent factors that you may overlook without the help of a flooring specialist. What type of climate are you in? Are you coastal where humidity is high? Or are you in the desert? Is there a pool entrance leading to the living room and is the floor often exposed to moisture? Is there a baby in the house and is fall safety a priority?

Considerations like those above are just a few of the questions our specialists will delve in order to guide you in selecting the best flooring options for your unique space.

Once the appropriate material is selected for your unique needs and goals, the next consideration would be color and style. If you decide to carpet your home, you will have an abundant color palette to select from and also various styles of carpet, such as water resistant carpeting.

The color of wood, vinyl, laminate, concrete (to name a few materials) will assist in making your space reflect the ambiance you desire.

Our flooring specialist will ask questions such as what type of feel would you like your space to have? Would you like to achieve a bright and playful space? Are you hoping to create a romantic setting? Do you aim to achieve a place to soothe and comfort (as in a nursery)?

Selecting appropriate flooring can be overwhelming but FlooringCali is here to make the process fun, enjoyable and simple for you. We have years of experience and can assist you in narrowing down your selection to something appropriate and desirable. We have many samples, selections and tools to help you visualize your future flooring.

Call now to receive a flooring consultation at your home. We can and will help make your new flooring installation a fantastic experience. 855-613-8213

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