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FLOORING REPAIR NEAR ME: Do You Need to Replace Your Subfloor?

Are your floorboards squeaking a little louder than usual? Did you notice a soft spot under your carpet? Either way, it may be time to contact the best flooring repair near you in Orange County.

Overexposure to moisture can wreak havoc on your subfloor. A leak in your plumbing, excessive humidity, or even a crack in your home’s exterior can be the culprit.

Replacing your subfloor may seem like a significant investment, but you should understand that ignoring it can lead to much bigger problems in the future.

What is a subfloor?

It is the underlying support structure used in different kinds of floorings in a home. The subfloor essentially supports everything that lies on top of the floor – you, your loved ones, furniture, appliances, your Chihuahua, etc.

The subfloor is designed for its functionality; not its appearance. Once the finish flooring material (tile, hardwood, etc.) is installed, the subfloor isn’t even visible anymore. In addition to supporting the entire floor surface, the subfloor also contains the plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring, and many other components.

That’s why it is so important to call flooring repair near you as soon as you notice any damage in your subfloor.

The subfloor is generally made from particleboard or plywood which is directly attached to the joists. However, on the ground floor or in the basement, concrete subfloor can be used as well.

How to detect damage to your subfloor?

Water damage is the most common type of damage that affects subfloors. Since particleboard and plywood subfloors are made of wood, they are highly prone to water damage. If exposed to frequent and excessive moisture, subfloors eventually rot to an extreme degree.

If this is what’s happening to your subfloor in Orange County, consult skilled and reliable professionals for flooring repair near you.

In order to detect the problems early on, you should look out for the following signs of damage to your subfloor:

A springy feeling when you walk on the floor

Does the floor seem spongy or bouncy under your feet when you walk across it? If yes, it is a sure shot sign of water damage.

Continual squeaking when you walk on the floor

Does the floor squeak when you walk across it? If the noise wasn’t there before and seems to develop overnight, it may indicate that your subfloor needs replacement.

A leak in the ceiling below the floor

If there is a leak in your ceiling, it means water is accumulating where it shouldn’t. This can lead to serious damage to the subfloor, so you should call roofing repair near you right away.

Visible sagging of the floor

Can you spot a visible ‘drooping’ on your floor? This is also a sign of water damage and means you may need to replace the subfloor.

An acrid smell from the floor

Sometimes, the damage to the subfloor is not visible. For example, the growth of mold inside your subfloor may not be visible in the beginning, but it will be accompanied by a hard-to-ignore musty or rotten odor. If your floor is emitting any funny odors, it’s another sign that you need to call in the professionals.

A rocking toilet

As bizarre as it sounds, if your subfloor is extensively decayed, it can cause your toilet to move or ‘rock’. It happens because your subfloor can no longer anchor the fasteners that hold the toilet to the floor.

Cracks in your tile flooring

Tile is not a flexible material, which means it requires a rigid, sturdy surface underneath it to prevent the cracks. If your tile floor is developing any cracks, it most likely means your subfloor isn’t strong enough to support it and needs to be replaced.

Cupping in your hardwood floor

Hardwood floor cupping could mean a couple of things: either there is too much humidity in your home or the material beneath is getting damaged from water exposure.

Bubbling in your linoleum floor

Even though bubbling linoleum is a common issue, in some cases it means that moisture is building up under the floors.

If you notice any such issues with your linoleum floor, take a thorough look at it to make sure it has not been any damage to your subfloor caused by water damage. If you spot any damage, contact flooring repair technicians right away.

Flooring Repair New Me: Contact Flooring Cali in Orange County to Replace Your Subfloor

If you notice any of the above-mentioned warning signs, you should get in touch with flooring repair near you to investigate whether your subflooring has sustained any damage.

Our experienced and licensed flooring installers will examine your subfloors to make sure there is no moisture damage. Call us at 855-613-8213 or fill out this online form to receive a free estimate.

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