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9 Steps to Take to Prepare Your Home For Flooring Installation

Getting your home beautified with brand-new flooring installation is an incredible experience.

Whether you decide to go with laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, travertine flooring, tile flooring, or carpet, it is an exciting process that livens up your entire space.

But before you jump head-first into the floor installation for your home, here are a few steps that absolutely essential to follow:

Get rid of the old flooring

The first major step in flooring installation is the removal of the old flooring. You should get your floor prepped up for a smooth installation by hiring skilled pros like Flooring Cali for old flooring removal.

We don’t recommend removing the old flooring yourself because you can unintentionally expose your family to harmful materials such as asbestos. An expert who knows the proper method for removal will save you from such costly mistakes.

Empty out the space

Clear out the room where flooring installation will take place, including moving your furniture, computers, appliances, and valuable items. If you can’t move the furniture yourself, you can ask the installers to do it for you (they will charge extra for that, of course.)

If you are clearing out the space yourself, make sure you remove all the heavy and hanging objects that could fall down and injure the installers.

Paint after the floor installation is complete

If you want your new flooring to accompany a new paint job, do it after the installation is finished.

Some people make the mistake of painting before, which is a no-no since the installation process can cause tiny scratches and nicks on the walls – as is a common occurrence. You don’t want to have to paint your walls twice, do you?

Create a clutter-free path

The room where flooring installation will occur has to be easy to maneuver in but you should also clear out the path that is required to get to the room.

Make sure there are no objects or clutter lying around inside or outside where the installer’s vehicle is parked.

If you have children or pets, make sure they are not anywhere near the path. Also, remove any valuables that may obstruct the path or easily break, otherwise it will make the installer’s job much more difficult as well as potentially hazardous.

Remove curtains and wall hangings

If there are any curtains or wall hangings within 3 feet of the ground level, they need to be pulled back or removed altogether. They can not only get damaged during flooring installation but also lead to certain safety hazards.

Clean out the closets

The majority of homeowners tuck the clutter away from view by dumping it all in their closets. If your entire floor is getting installed, this means your closets will take a lot of time because of the truckload of stuff stored in a small area.

So, make sure everything is off the floor; you can store your stuff on shelves that are at least 3 feet off the ground.

Protect your existing flooring

Heavy boots worn by flooring installers, as well as all the dirt and debris can cause significant damage to your existing flooring.

To prevent that, cover the floors you want to keep with old carpeting or old towels. If there is any furniture near the flooring area which is to be sanded, cover that as well.

Ensure proper waste removal

A lot of debris and waste is produced during the installation process so make sure you have proper means to dispose of that.

Check your garbage bins to ensure they will be able to hold the waste. If possible, check with the waste removal company before the process to determine whether there are any specific steps you need to take regarding the waste.

Take steps in advance for childcare or pet-sitting

As long as the floor installation process is underway, your rooms will be uninhabitable. This means you will need to make sure your children and/or pets are nowhere near those areas. Also, as a homeowner, you will need to be present during the process so you may consider taking some time off work.

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