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It begins with the Hardwood Flooring Installation

While many believe that it’s the decor, experts disagree. Instead, they believe that the overall order and cleanliness play an integral role in a person’s comfort and happiness — and that often begins with flooring. Don’t delay your new flooring installation!

If you are going to use standard hardwood flooring installation, you are first going to have to put down a sub-floor to secure the hardwood flooring to. This will allow you to have hardwood floor installation over things like hard floors over pre-existing floors and also provide a layer of insulation against moisture. If you want to avoid some of that work, you can choose an alternate style of Hardwood flooring installation that will allow you to lay the floor down directly on those substances.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset

Flooring Cali helps you to find the best qualified for Hardwood flooring installation and licensed vetted contractors to help you with all your flooring needs. We make enormous efforts to offer top quality service while securing a safe environment for a satisfied customer. Flooring Cali has built a proven reputation of hardwood flooring installation in the market for great quality work and customer satisfaction.


A proper, professional flooring installation is crucial to the life and performance of your hardwood flooring installation. Because of this, it is important to know what to expect during your hardwood flooring installation.

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Flooring Removal

Floor removal can get messy, which is why our vetted contractors make sure to haul the debris away and clean the site. 

hardwood flooring installation
Flooring Repair

Professionals that provide flooring repair services understand the investment that goes into hardwood floors …

hardwood flooring installation
Let’s find the floor the fits your life

Choosing the right floor is vital to match your lifestyle. We are especially mindful to people who have children and pets!

Flooring companies near me
Get more for your home

We enjoy making our customers satisfied by not only doing a great job but also by saving them money!

Happy Customers

There is a big line of satisfying and happy customers in our records who really admired our work and appreciated. Here are few remarks

"Flooring Cali team is very professional and know what is the mean of perfection. I am really inspired by their professional and in time work"
Ethan Valdez
"I am really inspired by their professional and in time work. Flooring Cali team is very professional and know what is the mean of perfection. "
Adam Brooks
Los Angeles

Allow us to lay your foundation

The secrets lay in the details of a home. Flooring is no exception to this rule. We understand the importance of beautiful Hardwood flooring installation. A new or improved flooring can change the aesthetic sensibility of a room, and can add real estate value to your home.

Our vetted contractors have the necessary tools and knowledge to make all of your hardwood flooring installation dreams a reality. They are licensed and beyond qualified. We offer free estimates, and will work with you personally to find the flooring option that best fits your needs and budget.