10 Tips To Keep Your Wood Flooring Scratch-Free


Raise your hand if you love moving heavy objects like refrigerators and furniture! Exactly. Nobody likes that. But sometimes you just have to do it. Unfortunately, moving heavy items can often result in horrible scratches on hardwood floors.

At Flooring Cali, we get wood flooring repair calls all the time when Ventura County homeowners scratch their floors while moving the furniture. That’s why we decided to divulge some least-known tips to ensure your hardwood stays safe and scratch-free.

Clean up the hardwood floor 

Very few people know this but you should always clean your hardwood floor before moving the furniture. It might be tedious but it will definitely save you major grief later. General dust, dirt, and tiny pieces of gravel can build up under your furniture and they can damage the floor if you’re not careful.

Also, make sure there is no grit in the pathway you’ll be using to move the furniture.

Don’t drag your furniture

If possible, avoid dragging your furniture. The best way to move the heavy objects without damaging the wood flooring is by moving or lifting them.

However, we understand that sometimes you don’t have the luxury of additional help. In that case, be very careful when sliding or dragging. Use some sort of cushion between the wood flooring and the furniture.

Move the objects slowly

Don’t be in a hurry when moving furniture or any other heavy objects or it will slide off of its padding. Keep a close eye on the part that’s on the floor and if something sounds or feels off, stop immediately. This will reduce the likelihood of potential scratches.

Shed the weight

We are talking about the weight of the load you’re going to be carrying. Make sure the heavy object you’re carrying is as light as possible before moving it. For example, if you are moving a refrigerator, empty out its contents as well as the removable shelves. If you’re moving a bookshelf, remove all the books and other knickknacks.

Soften the wood flooring surface when dragging

If you have to slide or drag the furniture, put something soft between the object and the floor. You can use thick moving blankets, folded towels, carpet remnants, or small area rugs for this purpose. Just don’t ever use cardboard as it has an abrasive surface.

Use gliders

We absolutely love gliders as they can fit under the furniture and make the mountainous task of moving a breeze. These inexpensive special pads are easily available online or at any hardware store in Venture County. If you are planning to move heavy furniture, we recommend buying gliders first.

Don’t put all your faith in the wheels

Just because your furniture is on wheels, it doesn’t mean those wheels won’t dent or scratch your wood flooring. Wheels may end up not rolling at all or they can get stuck in a sideways position. Any of these scenarios can result in scratches on your hardwood floor.

We recommend placing a piece of ¼ inch thick cardboard on the floor and then rolling the wheels over it.

Contact Flooring Cali to Wood Flooring Installation and Repair Near You

We hope these tips will help you keep your hardwood floors scratch-free while moving the furniture. But if you accidentally damage your floors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can give us a call at 855-613-8213 or contact us online and our skilled pros can make them as good as new.

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